Personal Defense

To effectively use your firearm in a violent encounter, you need a different set of skills than what you use at the range. 

Firearms Safety

If you have accepted the responsibility of  protecting yourself and your family with a firearm, safe and competent operation is of primary concern. 


A plan of action:

Licensed Concealed Carry: South Carolina residents require and Georgia residents will benefit from training on the safe operation of firearms and the rules covering concealed carry. 

Basic Pistol Course: This class teaches the basics of a variety of different types of pistols. It includes operation, maintenance, sighting, and emergency action procedures. 

Based in Lincolnton, Georgia, just north of Augusta, we are within easy driving distance from the Central Savannah River Area which includes both Western South Carolina and Eastern Georgia


Protect your Second Amendment rights!

Our training will provide to you the baseline concepts and techniques to safety and competently execute your duties as the owner of a firearm. Regardless of your decision to carry outside your home or to have a firearm within your home for the protection of yourself and your family, being able to operate, maintain, and prevent unauthorized access is serious personal responsibility our training will cover. We use the curriculums provided to us as certified instructors by the National Rifle Association and the United States Concealed Carry Association to meet the requirements of the State of South Carolina for their Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) and the state of Utah for their Non Resident Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP). Although Georgia does not require specific training for their Concealed Weapons License (CWL), our training in both the operation and safe use of a handgun provides a  critical baseline in order to protect you physically, morally, and financially. Our training stresses the need to avoid conflict so that you will never be faced with such a life changing event. Although it remains an individual responsibility to understand the laws of each state in regard to carrying a firearm and the use of lethal force,  our training will provide details and, more importantly, i​dentify the resources for you to remain current in this ever-changing area.  See specific details for each offered course but we provide to you all that you need to complete our courses. For some of our courses involving range work we can provide to you a few choices of  handguns if you have yet to choose yours. Most ammunition can also be provided at a flat rate. For those courses enabling the student to submit for a license, we will provide to you a complete packet ready to mail which includes completed application, fingerprinting, and photographing. 

"'s about more than just pulling the trigger." Your source in the Lincolnton, Georgia, area for firearms education and  training and to obtain your concealed carry permits  

Refuse to be a Victim: This non firing NRA-sponsored training will provide a baseline of personal protection techniques that do not involve firearms. 

Utah Non Resident Concealed Firearm Permit: This course allows South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit holders to legally carry in Georgia and several other states. Georgia CFP holders can legally carry in six additional states with this permit.