Patriot Personal Defense, LLC History

A newly organized family-owned and operated business since 2013, Patriot Personal Defense, LLC was started to both train and educate a growing number of citizens who have chosen to be their own first line of defense against violent crime. More than just pulling the trigger, we insruct the moral, physical, and financial implications of the results of using deadly force. 


Whether you're looking for an initial orientation or for more advanced skills, Patriot Personal Defense has the capability to provide you with the concepts and techniques with which you can maintain and continue to enhance your skill set. 

Who are we?

Patriot Personal defense, LLC was formed in 2013. We are two retired Army officers, gun enthusiasts and we believe strongly that it is a personal responsibility to be the first line of defense against violent crime for you and your family. We want you to be able to safely, legally, and competently execute that responsibility. 

We offer firearms training courses particularly focused on personal defense. 

​A primary focus to all of our training is to provide to you the understanding of the need to first avoid conflict. 

Training and Experience

To be able to provide a better product to our students, we have taken a number of additional courses to enhance our skills. This includes defensive pistol training conducted by the Gunsite Academy(R) and Close Quarters Handgun training by Personal Responsibility, Inc. 

We are also able to travel to a site to provide instruction five a sufficient number of students. 

US Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor: The USCCA is a premier organization dedicated to educating, training, and insuring citizens who decide to be armed do so responsibly. 

NRA Certified Instructors for:

Basics of Pistol Shooting, First Steps, Refuse To Be A Victim, Personal Protection in the Home,  and we are NRA-Trained Range Safety Officers 

The Well Armed Women Instructor:

Incorporates special training techniques targeted to training the largest growing gun owning population in America





Janet & Craig Zimmerman

Certified by the Utah Department of Public Safety to instruct the Utah Non Resident Firearms Permit course. ​This course allows graduate to carry concealed in additional states and is ideal for those who travel frequently for business or pleasure