Utah Non Resident Concealed Firearms Permit

This is a non firing course that can last for 4 hours but given in conjunction with other courses such as the NRA Basic Pistol Course or the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit course, it can be considerably less. Range time can be added. 

Cost: As a separate course, the cost is $125; given in conjunction with course stated above, there is an additional $25 fee to the originating course. 

Time: Maximum time is four hours which would be typical for a Georgia resident but less than two hours for a South Carolina permit holder as much of the training has already been provided. 

Dress: Dress for a classroom.

If range time is desired: We can, as an option, add some firing range time particularly for our Georgia students so clothing appropriate for an outdoor range would be required. If we go to the range, you should wear long pants, shoes that cover all, a baseball hat or other hat that will still allow you to wear hearing protection, and a long sleeve shirt. This is designed to protect you from your or your neighbor's brass. You will also need eye protection. If you wear glasses, make sure they are rated to provide protection. 

Bring: Notebook, pen for nets, etc. If range time is desired, your pistol and approximately 50 rounds.

We provide: Course completion certificate, picture and fingerprints for application. If you desire to shoot, we will provide targets and range time.